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Rafina Port

Within a walking distance, Rafina Port will fascinate guests who wish to enjoy a pleasant stroll with a view. This is the second largest port in Athens, after Piraeus Port. It serves the needs of locals and travelers to connect the mainland with the islands nearby, having been transformed into a hub of tourism and business over the years. From the port, you can reach Cyclades and Evoia. 
The port of Rafina has got significant historic value, having survived through the centuries and having added to the glorious past of the Greeks. The municipality of Rafina has been inhabited since the early pre-historic era and the character of the place reveals its uniqueness. Rafina port allows you to take a glimpse at the past and visualize the ancient civilization flourished there, setting out on their sea adventures from the very same spot where we stand now. 
As you are walking up and down the harbor, you will see the ships reaching the dock or leaving Rafina for their new destinations. Especially when the sun is setting, the spectacle is purely amazing. The colors are spectacular, overwhelming the sky and lifting your spirit. And at night, you get to watch the lights mirrored on the surface of the sea, along with the bright moon. Romance overflows, as the sea breeze is touching your cheeks and the scenery seems like a wonderful painting.

Day Trip to Andros

One of the picturesque islands of Cyclades is definitely Andros. If you are searching for a cruise to a nearby island from Rafina, Andros is the perfect destination. The ferry will take you to the island of Andros in approximately 2 hours and you will get the opportunity to explore a magical place, where tradition meets elegance and style. The hospitable locals and the marvelous recipes, the historic sights and attractions, the splendid beaches will all capture your heart and offer you a special day to treasure!
Reaching the port of Andros, you may have a cup of coffee or enjoy the local delicacies of the island at one of the cafés by the sea. From then on, you may get a taxi and head to the points of interest in Andros. Batsi and Kipri are two of the finest places to visit, as well as the Archaeological Museum and the Nautical Museum at Chora. If you want, you can head to the secluded beach of Achla for a wonderful swim. The Monastery of Panachrantos is another great landmark of the island, located in Chora. Tasting the traditional recipes of froutalia (an omelet with sausages and potatoes) and stuffed goat, almond cookies and kaltsounia (sweet pastries) is certainly a highlight of your stay in Andros. 
As the sun is setting, it is time to go and leave the mesmerizing island of Andros. Returning to Rafina by boat after sunset is an experience worth living. With the cool breeze on your hair and the endless blue surrounding you, you feel excited and totally content. 
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